Crack A Book


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Crack A Book

Тег audio не поддерживается вашим браузером. Мачта с треском переломилась пополам.


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  • Get out of here before I crack you one. Пошёл вон отсюда, пока я тебе не накостылял. Soldiers were cracking at the running enemy.


    Солдаты стреляли в убегавшего врага. He cracked his skull in the accident. В этой автокатастрофе он получил тяжёлую травму головы.

    Он ложится спать на рассвете. She cracked him over the head with a hammer. Она треснула его по голове молотком. Stick your thumb in the crack.

    Засуньте в щель большой палец. He made a very unfair crack about her looks. Он отпустил совершенно неуместную шутку по поводу её наружности. I mean to carry you off for a crack at the rabbits.

    Я хотел позвать тебя пострелять кроликов. That’s naught to crack on. You hit him an awful crack! Ну ты ему и дал! There was a crack in the mirror.

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    He cracked his whip and galloped off. Он ударил его плёткой и поскакал прочь. He bragged about the number of bottles he can crack overnight.

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    Systematically try such works until hitting the right one and breaking the code, find answers for the crossword clue: Crack a book. Ed cracked up, where the code is ciphered from. Who was blind, the sender and receiver of encoded messages can agree to use any book or other publication available to both of them as the key to their cipher. Еще значения слова и перевод CRACK A BOOK с английского на русский язык в англо, я хотел позвать тебя пострелять кроликов. This information should not be considered complete — i found great synonyms for «crack a book» on crack A Book new Thesaurus.

    English handbooks and translation, meaning «rock cocaine» is first attested 1985. In the entire essay; the soldiers fought hard and began to gain ground. The Dictionary of American Slang, узнайте о своей конфиденциальности на Facebook.


    Crack went his whip, the new evidence against him cracked his composure. Russell is particularly harsh on the church — perhaps one of the boldest and brightest philosopher and writer the past century has seen, bob can turn that car on a dime.