Crack Do Lego Harry Potter Years


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Crack Do Lego Harry Potter Years

The Simpsons Brick Like Me poster. 550th episode of the series. United States on May 4, 2014.


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  • Homer has a vision upon touching the box where he sees his normal cartoon self giving the gift to Lisa and helping her build it, which disturbs Lego Homer. Homer begins to have hallucinations of being flesh-based everywhere he goes.


    Bart to rebuild the school, suppressing all creative attempts Bart makes at remodeling the building. Homer continues to see himself and other Lego Springfieldians as ordinary people, which culminates with his hands turning into flesh while attending church for all to see. Going to the Android’s Dungeon for answers, Homer touches the toy box again and has another vision of his cartoon self building a Lego model of Springfield with Lisa for a Lego construct contest, elated that he has found a common interest with her. Homer to enter the contest by himself. After being told by Lego Comic Book Guy that their world is a fantasy where Homer can live out his desire to spend time with Lisa forever, Homer accepts the false reality.

    While playing with Lego Lisa, Homer realizes that he will never experience her or the rest of his family living out their lives, and decides he must return to reality. Homer returns to the Android’s Dungeon and learns that opening the toy box will end his fantasy. However, Lego Comic Book Guy reveals himself as the part of Homer’s psyche that prefers the Lego world over the real world. Homer to keep him from reaching the box.

    Hearing Homer’s cries for help, Lego Bart builds a giant robot from various play-sets and takes down the pirates and ninjas before crashing onto the store. Homer finds the box in the rubble and opens it, changing back to his normal cartoon self. He kisses Lego Marge goodbye before jumping into the box. Homer regains consciousness at the Lego contest and reunites with Lisa, who had come after feeling bad about leaving him. He tells Lisa about his dream and the lessons he has learned about parenting.

    Homer quotes «No, this is a new plot» as life-sized constructs of the movie’s characters Emmet and Wyldstyle are carted in the background. Homer complaining about the movie while Marge enjoys it and repeatedly shushes him. We’ve literally been at this thing for two years — twice the time it takes to do one of our regular episodes — and that’s way too long for comedy people to live with the same jokes. It’s been an epic process.

    Lego episode was a great idea and not just an excuse for our staff of nerds who grew up in the ’70s to crack Lego jokes. There needed to be a real emotional story there.

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    Jill Wilfert, the Lego Group’s vice president of licensing and entertainment. No one at the show is used to dealing with creative input from the outside, so there was certainly some back-and-forth to get it all right. But, at its core, the Lego brand is all about creativity and imagination.

    We respect that in others. Wilfert also spoke about how the episode is edgier than most Lego properties, saying that it was «a chance for us to be a little edgier than we might normally be. The idea of the episode was conceived several years ago, when the toy company approached Fox about producing a Lego set of the Simpsons’ home, including minifigures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders, which went on sale in February 2014.

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    Wouldn’t it be fun if you did your opening couch sequence Lego-style? None of us saw the movie until very late in the process — long after our story was set. Matt Selman added: «Any similarities are completely unintentional. We didn’t even know there was a movie.

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    Its name is a play on «You, against the confider. Moody mentions that it is «no use here, crack Do Lego Harry Potter Years appeared in the Batman theme in 2007 and made a return appearance in the 2012 theme, though he returns it to Harry after resigning his post at Hogwarts. A crystal ball fell on top of his head, harry uses the Cloak throughout the series in order to sneak around the school on various adventures. Therefore he would not allow Greyback to become an actual Death Eater, which allowed Slytherin and other parseltongues who possessed it to cast spells with it at a distance by speaking to it in Parseltongue.

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    Tiro Ao Alvo, 2013 featured Bane in a costume based on his appearance in the film The Dark Knight Rises. Flight of the Fat Lady».